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About the program

Volunteers Program


" Forming a distinguished base of volunteers in the field of emergency, crises and disasters".


" Qualifying the State volunteer leaders with the view of supporting the efforts of national response during emergencies, crises and disasters to preserve lives and sustain the State’s achievements”.


  1. Attracting individuals of the community who are interested to volunteer and encouraging them to effectively assist in social development. 
  2. Establishing, qualifying and training a team of volunteers that will contribute to the assistance during emergencies, crises and disasters.
  3. Establishing a database of volunteers to coordinate their work within the efforts of the national response.
  4. Supporting programs specialized in the management of the National Career Level to guarantee the continuity of work during emergencies, crises and disasters.
  5. Instilling and promoting the culture of volunteerism within the society.
  6. Strengthening the sense of belonging, and social cohesion between community members and the State authorities, and collaborating during emergencies, crises and disasters.


Tel: 024177000 , 024177056

Mob: 0502133011

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