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Open Data Policy

The open data policy is considered one of the leading practices that reflect the desire of the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA) to offer an accessible open data page that can provide the segments of the society with the information and data they need in a in a transparent and seamless manner in order to raise awareness of emergencies, crises and disasters.


This policy aims to clarify open data management policies on the website:

  • Disclaimer document
  • Terms and conditions
  • Privacy policy

Scope of Application

This document is limited to the NCEMA website. As the document is open for continuous development, the scope of application can be extended according to the general policy of the Emirates e-Government and the relevant instructions.

Open Data Reuse Terms & Conditions

  • These data can be used, reused and republished by any individual, corporate person or governmental body;
  • When using these data, you should make a reference to the source (NCEMA) in order to protect the NCEMA's property rights over and the credibility and validity of these data;
  • No user may misrepresent the data or the source thereof or mislead others;
  • These data shall not be used for political purposes, for supporting an illegal or criminal activity, for racial or discriminatory comments, for instigation or negative impact on culture or equality, for incitement or any unlawful or unorthodox activity in the UAE;
  • Under no circumstances NCEMA can be deemed to be responsible for any direct or indirect damage that may be arise from using or failing to use these open data;
  • A user of open data on NCEMA website admits that he/she uses the open data on his/her own responsibility and NCEMA shall take no responsibility whatsoever for updating all the open data in the future especially if these data are based on current assumptions and predictions that can cause risks or arouse doubts over the variation between the actual results and the expected future estimates;
  • NCEMA shall not be legally liable or provide compensation for any damage that may affect the user or any other person as a result of a breach of confidentiality related to information that may be quoted by the user from the open data section;
  • The softcopies of NCEMA documents posted to this website are for informational purposes only. The final copy of any NCEMA document is the printed and signed original copy kept by NCEMA. If the document is signed by the authorized person, the final copy shall be the printed and signed original copy issued by NCEMA. In case of variation, the copy kept by NCEMA shall prevail;
  • NCEMA disclaims all the implied guarantees and conditions in relation to the information published in the open data section

NCEMA Liability:

While putting data on its e-portal, NCEMA does not guarantee that these data are unquestionable as the data are collected from governmental authorities or from the results of its services. NCEMA does not guarantee also continuity of provision of these data or part thereof as it accepts no liability towards data users and the damage or loss that may be caused due to the reuse of the data.

User Liability

User shall be liable for reusing data on NCEMA website and the reuse should not cause any errors related to the content, source and history of data.