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National Volunteers Program

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Used Forms:

Volunteers Registration Form.

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Volunteers Program

Service description:

Completing the Volunteers Registration Form is the first step of the mandatory process to register in the National Volunteer Program.

Required Documents:

  • Copy of Valid Passport.
  • Copy of Valid Emirates ID.
  • Copy of Family Book.
  • Official Personal Photo

Conditions of Admission:

Requirements to accept a volunteer are as follows:

  • National of the United Arab Emirates or other nationals residing in the country .
  • At least 18 years of age.
  • Of good conduct and pass the necessary approvals.
  • Medically fit and able to perform volunteer tasks.
  • Preferably with technical or scientific disciplines.
  • Not committed to other similar volunteer programs.

Terms and conditions:

Volunteers should carefully read the following terms and conditions and acknowledge accepting them as an obligatory condition prior to proceeding in the Volunteers Registration processes and be registered in the National Volunteer Program.

Volunteering program policy during emergencies and crises and disasters

I’m the undersigned volunteer committed to the following:

  • Communication and cooperation in full transparency with the National Emergency, Crisis and disasters Management (NCEMA).
  • Commitment to follow the decisions and instructions issued by officials and show a high level of participation and work continuously and effectively.
  • Take responsibility for completion of the mission required to achieve the effective performance, show enthusiasm and demonstrate a personal commitment through constant participation.
  • Follow the safety instructions issued by instructors or team leaders during the trainings, including the commander of the event during the activities, events and emergency response during the emergency and crises.
  • Respond to the call of National Duty in all times as long the volunteer circumstances permit. While in the case of absence the excuse should be provided to NCEMA.
  • Behave politely and positively with my colleagues and others during the exercises and activities. Respect others in terms of cultural and social aspects and give a positive image of the volunteering program.
  • Agree on completion of the training hours of the volunteering training. Taking into account that this is an important part of the requirements of training courses for volunteers.
  • Inform the staff of NCEMA in advance of any medical condition or others , which falls under my responsibilities during volunteering in emergency and crisis situations, and take the responsibility for my health and my safety in any activities.
  • Dealing with the media internal or external and public relations according to the policy of the NCEMA and obtaining directives from relevant officials.
  • Maintaining equipment’s, prevention jackets and other private properties / Assets for training and return them after the completion of any task, unless other instructions issued.
  • Prevent carrying or use of the program trademark during the case of emergencies or crisis, or documents that belongs to the volunteering program in official or public events unless its authorized by NCEMA.
  • Not a member to any political parties or religious groups inside or outside the country.
  • Not a member of any other volunteering program and in case of deciding to join another volunteering program I shall submit a request to NCEMA.
  • My commitments shall remain with NCEMA and it will continue after the end of the Volunteering program.

Service procedures:

  • Accept the General Terms Below.
  • Complete the Volunteers Registration Form.

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