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Media Registration

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Description of Service:

“Media Representative Registration” is the first step of a compulsory process to obtain initial approval for various media coverages of the National Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (“NCEMA”).

Requisite Documents

  • A (valid) copy of the labor card
  • A (valid) copy of the passport

Terms and conditions:

The media representative acknowledges and accepts the following terms and conditions as a pre-condition to advance to later steps of media representative registration for coverage of NCEMA events:

  • All the information provided by me to NCEMA throughout the registration process are true, correct and reflect the reality of our media work.
  • We undertake to secure the confidentiality of the information related to NCEMA, and I will not disclose any information that I may receive from NCEMA to any unauthorized third party without prior written approval by NCEMA’s concerned staff.

Service Procedures:

  • Accepting the above terms and conditions
  • Completing the Media Person Registration Form