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E-Supplier Registration

Welcome to National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority “NCEMA” Procurement Page.

Thank you for your interest in establishing a business relationship with the National Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Authority “NCEMA”  

Accordingly, to help us achieve our mission of delivering and achieving sustainable quality, cost and the best performance standards in all our procurement activities, we understand the importance of establishing and maintaining longstanding, successful business relationships with our key suppliers and contractors. To further demonstrate our commitment to our suppliers, NCEMA Procurement & Contracts Unit works diligently to ensure effective, equitable and transparent procurement activities. We treat all suppliers fairly, equitably and without discrimination.


  • Only the registered Vendors will be allowed to participate in NCEMAs Tenders and RFQs.    
  • Registration/ Renewal fee is AED 200.00
  • Vendors must have one or more UAE national partner(s) who hold at least 51% of the company’s capital.

Steps & Documents needed to complete the E-Supplier Registration

  1. Accept the General Terms Below.
  2. Complete the E-Supplier Registration Form.
  3. Attach copy of:
    • Valid Trade License issued from the concerned Emirate Municipality.
    • Valid Chamber Membership.
    • Brand Agent Certification (if applicable).
    • Signature Authentication.
    • Power of attorney (if the authorized person is not the owner).
    • Valid passport copy of the owner of the company/establishment and Partners.
    • Company/establishment bank account information (issued from the bank or signed and stamped from the authorized person in the company/establishment).

General Terms

Supplier/Service provider should carefully read the following terms and conditions and acknowledge accepting them as an obligatory condition prior to proceeding in the E-Supplier Registration processes and be registered in NCEMA E-Supplier system.

I confirm on behalf of the requesting company for registration herein NCEMA’s E-Supplier portal and as an authorized person to request business registration in NCEMA’s ‘Supplier Registration’ and do hereby undertake that:

  • All information provided to NCEMA through the E-Supplier Registration processes is true and accurate and reflects the real status of our business entity.
  • I understand that it is my responsibility to update my account in NCEMA’s E-Supplier Registration system with any changes in the contact information and/or business status. Failure to update the E-Supplier Registration system will result in not receiving ‘tender’ invitations, clarification, and/or updates from NCEMA.
  • I understand that completing the E-Supplier Registration does not guarantee that my company will be receive tender invitations nor does it confer "Approved" status as NCEMA supplier. It is the first step of the mandatory process for doing business with NCEMA. NCEMA reserves the right to accept or reject applications in accordance with its business needs.
  • I understand that registration is valid for one calendar year starting from the approval day; and that I am responsible for the renewal of my business registration with NCEMA before the expiry date; Failure to renew my status will result in de-activation of my supplier registration in NCEMA’s current supplier list. 
  • I understand that e-mails, faxes and letters sent by courier or delivered by hand against receipt confirmation are all considered as ‘official communication’ between the supplier/service provider and NCEMA.
  • I shall read and understand any received tender document\s issued by NCEMA and make sure I examine and check it’s requirements, terms and conditions and ensure compliance.
  • I shall follow the instructions in the tender document\s in preparing and submitting the proposals in response to any issued tender or RFQ by NCEMA.
  • I shall ensure and keep the confidentiality of NCEMA and not reveal the information received or provided by NCEMA to any unauthorized third party unless written approval is obtained from the authorized NCEMA personnel. 
  • I am aware that our company will not be able to do business with NCEMA if any of the following acts are proven to have been committed:
    • Submission to NCEMA or any other government authority in or outside UAE  incorrect, forged or manipulated documents & information; 
    • Found guilty of any crime of corruption or financial dishonesty whatsoever;
    • Misconduct in dealing with NCEMA and/or other customers;
    • Infringement of a third party’s intellectual property;
    • Price fixing in association with others either directly or indirectly;
    • Misrepresentation on quality of goods or services, skills of staff, past experiences and entity know-how; and 
    • Poor performance and unjustifiable delays in performing contractual obligations and making timely delivery of goods and services;
    • Violation of tendering procedures during and prior to the award of a contract by contacting NCEMA staff other than the Procurement & Contracts Section staff, unless advised expressly by NCEMA to do so in relation to tender detail or further information.
  • Our company/establishment is not owned or partnered by one of NCEMA staff nor first/second grade relative to any of NCEMA staff.

I Accept All The Above Terms & Conditions