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The National Emergency and Crisis and Disasters Management Authority concludes its school-oriented “Emergencies and Crises” awareness lectures

The National Emergency and Crisis and Disasters Management Authority, represented by its Media and Communication Department, concluded a series of awareness lectures that it offered to a number of schools in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and the Department of Education and Knowledge in Abu Dhabi.

Over the course of these lectures, the Authority received students from Al Fath School for Girls on Wednesday at its headquarters in Abu Dhabi. The purpose of these lectures was to promote the culture of readiness and educate the students on how to properly deal with emergencies, crises and disasters.

On his part, Mr. Khalid Al Hosani, Senior Specialist at the Department of Education and Awareness, presented a lectured titled “Proper Behavior during Crises and Disasters” in which he talked about the correct measures and steps that need to be followed under these circumstances.

The students also told some stories and described certain situations that they were involved with explaining how to avoid such circumstances and how to behave properly during such times. Moreover, the students asked several questions regarding emergency and crisis management which the lecturer answered; he also provided additional tips and advices that enable the students to protect themselves and those around them whether inside or outside the school.

Al Hosani praised the students’ interest in learning more about emergencies and crises and emphasized that proper behavior before, during and after these events is very crucial.

Through these lectures the Authority seeks to fulfill the vision of helping this country become a pioneer in proper behavior during emergencies, crises and disasters.

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