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NCEMA and MOCD seek joint cooperation

His Excellency Obaid Rashid Al Hosan Al Shamsi, Vice President of the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA), met with Her Excellency Moza Ibrahim Al Akraf, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Community Development (MOCD).

The meeting, held at the Ministry’s headquarters, is part of a series of preliminary meetings held by NCEMA with its partners, aiming to strengthen the National Emergency and Crisis Management Network and to introduce the National Strategic Meeting that NCEMA is holding with the relevant authorities in the Emergency and Crisis Management Community.

The meeting affirmed the need to focus on the strategic roadmap for the Emergency and Crisis Management Community, by following a proactive approach to facing challenges and risks in vital sectors, in addition to managing the strategic path to ensure integration and interdependence among all vital sectors.

The meeting also stressed the importance of raising the efficiency of national readiness in facing all challenges witnessed by society. As well as planning and developing scientific solutions that keep pace with future risks that might affect members of society, in addition to involving society members in the National Network by raising awareness about social responsibility.

The meeting, which took place between Her Excellency Moza Ibrahim Al Akraf Al Suwaidi and His Excellency Obaid Rashid Al Hosan Al Shamsi, reviewed the effective role of MOCD in the emergency and crisis management community, through the management of social responsibility and providing all the support needed by the community in its various categories, to complement the roles of the various authorities, to achieve harmony and integration. The two parties stressed that the ministry has played important roles in this regard, to support the strategic plan set in the authority and achieve its vision: “a safe and resilient country.”

The meeting concluded with the two parties stressing the importance of unifying national efforts in facing the expected challenges and risks by foreseeing future risks and benefiting from past experiences to ensure proactivity and enhance security and resilience.

The National Strategic Meetings constitute an important axis, linking all sectors through the presence of leaders in the concerned authorities in the Emergency and Crisis Management Community, in order to ensure the future of the national system and to set the initial steps to foresee the future and reduce future risks and threats.

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