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H.H. Tahnoun bin Zayed Al Nahyan: “The UAE is a global platform for shaping the future of emergency and crisis management.”

We are pleased to welcome delegations of esteemed officials, decision makers, experts, specialists and international researchers participating in the Crisis and Emergency Management Summit - Abu Dhabi 2023, which kicks off today. Their participation, discussions and contributions to the sessions of the summit will provide a valuable addition to the themes and topics of great importance that will contribute to achieving the main objectives of the summit and shaping the future of the global emergency and crisis management network.


It is our aspiration that the 2023 Crisis and Emergency Management Summit, CEMS, will achieve its objectives of bringing together global efforts in the tactful field of emergency and crisis management. We affirm that the United Arab Emirates, under the wise leadership of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, is more than keen to adopt the best practices there are in various administrative and community fields, including emergency and crisis management, and we place this particular field at the top of our strategic priorities and planning processes.

Emanating from the UAE’s wise leadership’s keenness to provide the highest levels of social wellbeing and stability, the National Crisis, Emergency and Disaster Management Authority has assumed responsibility to provide an integrated experience involving all government institutions where they prepare proactive plans and insights and develop pre-coordinated tools and techniques to manage various crises and emergencies.

We would like to also shed light on the importance of collaborative engagement and coordinated readiness among the international community to cope with cross-border risks and disasters, which is a key axis to be addressed by CEMS 2023. The past few years had shown us the reality of what can happen when environmental, health and other issues spread rapidly across borders from one country to another, causing a worldwide problem that, if not dealt with in a timely manner by unified global efforts through practical and decisive action, could cause an excessive amount of damage. 

The UAE has always been a pioneer in philanthropic endeavors and has always sought to provide humanitarian assistance and emergency relief to those in crises, survivors of disasters and people in need around the world, consolidating the UAE's leading position in various humanitarian arenas at regional and international levels.

We are all partners of one planet, whose nations and populations can be exposed to many forms of risk, disaster or turmoil, either natural or man-made, we must all join forces to proactively address those problems in order to preserve innocent lives and maintain the safety of our societies, our children and our future generations. To that end, solidarity and cooperation between governments, their institutions, and international bodies, is essential.

We, in the United Arab Emirates, recognize the importance of preemptive action and preparing for the future, especially in the field of emergency, crisis and disaster management, whose consequences can negatively affect the lives of human beings; and human beings are, and always will be, our top priority.

In this spirit, we spare no effort in equipping the human capacities with skills and training, and in providing the foundations of a dignified and secure life for all residents of this good land, thus paving the way for a safer future for coming generations that could otherwise be affected by the ramifications of crises and environmental, social, or political disturbances.


We look forward to seeing the Crisis and Emergency Management – Abu Dhabi 2023 to achieve its desired goals, which would contribute to raising international readiness to anticipate future risks and threats. We hope to see in the recommendations of the summit some milestones that seek to achieve resilience at a national and global level, bringing the world together to speak one language and seek unified objectives in light of the various threats that impact us all.  


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