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Al Neyadi: "Crisis and Emergency Management Summit" puts societies’ security and preservation of fortitude in the face of crises at the top of national and global priorities

His Excellency Ali Saeed Al Neyadi, Chairman of the National Crisis, Emergency and Disaster Management Authority, stressed that the United Arab Emirates,  under its wise leadership, has provided human development efforts and constructive work to advance the country in all areas of impact, particularly in the field of emergency and crisis management, paying particular attention to human security and stability in this area by adopting modern technologies, providing limitless support, qualifying human resources and establishing an advanced infrastructure, believing in the importance of preserving lives and safeguarding the security and stability of the nation, protecting its resources and achievements.


H.E. said, "We look forward to the Summit and the contribution of the esteemed guests who will help in creating and opening more efficient channels to handle emergencies, crises and disasters in order to secure societies and maintain their sources of strength, whether political, economic, social or cultural. This is in order to ensure a better life not just for the time being, but for future generations around the world.

His Excellency expressed his appreciation of, and gratitude for, the efforts exerted by experts, researchers and specialists in various relevant sectors, who have shared their specialized expertise to discuss and review best practices, experiences and applications in emergency response, and enhance crisis responses, at both technical and practical levels.

He said, "In this current round of the Crisis and Emergency Management Summit - Abu Dhabi 2023, topics have been selected to be commensurate with contemporary issues that need creative solutions from experts and specialists, and are at the forefront of our thinking, such as, ‘Foreseeing the Future of Emergencies and Crises and the Next Generation of Risks’, ‘Employing Comprehensive Instruments of Power in National Risk Management’, ‘Challenges of Integration and Strategic Balance Between Sectors’, as well as the issue of cross-border risks and other critical topics.”


H.E. noted that the Summit also aims to strengthen partnerships, international cooperation and the exchange of experiences in emergency, crisis and disaster management across the world and to discuss the most prominent global challenges and trends, as well as to reinforce the importance of anticipating and forecasting future risks and developments with a view to enhancing proactive preparedness and global response to them.


His Excellency stressed the importance of coordinated efforts and teamwork worldwide towards shaping a new future for emergency and crisis management in the context of growing challenges, and to ensure that knowledge of modern technologies, tools and means are raised to meet potential emergency scenarios.

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