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UAE among first countries of the world to receive Sotrovimab medicine for treatment of COVID-19: UAE Government media briefing

Dr. Al Ghaithi explained that the UAE is keen to monitor its citizens travelling to other countries, noting that after the outbreak of the pandemic, the "We Are With You" action team was formed, in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MOFAIC) and representatives of local health authorities, to monitor Emiratis infected while abroad.

She then urged travellers to check the health situation in the country they wish to visit before travelling, highlighting the importance of taking both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine before their travels, as well as buying appropriate international medical insurance, registering in the ministry’s "Twajudi" service, and adhering to related precautionary measures, such as wearing face masks, practising social distancing and sanitising hands.

If Emirati travellers test positive for coronavirus, they are required to contact the country’s diplomatic missions abroad, their medical insurance company or their airline to cover treatment costs, she said, stressing that the role of the community in the coming period is as important as the role of relevant authorities in addressing the pandemic.

She then expressed her confidence in the public’s adherence to the precautionary measures, which underscores the community’s level of awareness and its keenness to protect everyone’s health.

Protecting everyone’s safety reflects the community’s sense of responsibility, especially when visiting elderly people, she added while calling on the public to protect everyone’s health and safety and undergo required tests to avoid infecting the elderly.

"We need to adapt to a new and safer way of life and advise everyone to undergo necessary tests and fully adhere to relevant precautionary measures, such as wearing face masks and practising social distancing. We also advise unvaccinated people to quickly take the vaccine, as this is key to eliminating the virus and curbing its spread," Dr. Al Ghaithi said in conclusion.

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