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Speech of HE Dr. Jamal Mohammed Al-Hosani Director General of National Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Authority on the occasion of Commemoration's Day

The more a nation’s accomplishments, the more its memorial days. Today is an exceptional day, it is a day when we remember our brave soldiers, those who have devoted themselves and sacrificed their precious lives for the sake of our beloved nation, a nation that gave them a lot so they vowed to give it back.

On this day of loyalty and devotion, the day of glory and honor, we honor our immortal heroes, those who taught us how to love our homeland, who have embodied - with their sacrifices - the true meaning of loyalty and sincerity, and those who strengthen our feelings of devotion to our homeland and serving its interests.
We stand on this glorious day and pay tribute to many immortal names living in the memory of our homeland and its history, who have established an unwavering place in the hearts of the Emirati people, and who have become a part of a national epic that is passed down from generation to generation. Today, we stand in acknowledgement and gratitude to our martyrs, who have dedicated themselves to honor and dignify our nation and uphold its flag. They were true to the covenant they have vowed to Allah and their homeland. We also pay tribute to the mothers of these martyrs, who have given their dearest children in sacrifice for the homeland and have been a symbol of patience, faith and authenticity. They have proven to all the enemies of our homeland that it has a proud and disdainful people who would not hesitate to sacrifice its most cherished possessions in order to defend its dignity, cohesion and unity, and to defend the homeland against aggressors.
Our nation would have never forgotten its children who sacrificed their lives for it, and thus this day was made in recognition of their memory, which our leaders had no hesitation to adopt as a national event to be observed by all in recognition of the UAE martyrs and their sacrifices. This anniversary coincides with anniversary of the martyrdom of the first Emirati soldier, on November 30, 1971, who refused to take down the UAE flag in the face of the Iranian occupation of the island of Greater Tunb.
Therefore, His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, has ordered that this day be a national holiday in which the UAE honors the achievements of its children. In this day, we are inspired and stimulated to accomplish and prosper, each in his domain, and are reminded of our duty towards our country. This day lays on us the responsibility to continue the journey of the founding generation, and motivates us to make sacrifices for the good of this nation. Only through sincere efforts, can the glory of nations be built.
On this special occasion, we can not forget honoring our armed forces, soldiers and commanders, who are keen to protect us and who, through their efforts, we live safe and secure, believing that we are surrounded by an solid shield guarding us around the clock; may Allah protect them and reward them well.
Finally, we turn to God with pure hearts, and call upon Him to bestow His mercy upon our martyrs, and reward their fathers, mothers, children and families with the best rewards for their patience. May Allah save our homeland, and keep us safe and secure.

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