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Awareness workshops on the importance of documenting and implementing processes

The Strategy and Organizational Excellence Division launched a series of awareness workshops between September 1st and 19th, 2019 as part of the efforts made toward achieving the Authority’s strategy to develop an integrated administrative and operational system. Such workshops aim to raise awareness among the Authority’s employees regarding the importance of documenting and implementing the operational processes of the Authority.

The workshops were introduced and implemented according to the requirements of the international specification ISO9001:2015 on the quality management system, and tackle a number of various topics including: The documentation of operational processes, operational work manuals adoption, risks related to operational processes, and performance indicators for all operational processes. This followed the approval of the entire operational processes manuals of all the Authority’s departments to ensure their commitment to the implementation of the 2019 updated operational processes. In addition to that, the Strategy and Organizational Excellence Division discussed the departments’ process performance monitoring lists and their internal auditing policy.

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