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The National Emergency and Crisis and Disasters Management Authority and the National Archives discuss the media response mechanism

Emirates News Agency (WAM)/The National Archives held a meeting at its headquarters with a delegation from the National Emergency and Crisis and Disasters Management Authority where they discussed the means to develop the communication and media response mechanism during emergencies, the approach to selecting and preparing a spokesperson, and the national early warning system.

The two sides also addressed the requirements of the media strategic plan as per the standards set by the Authority and the importance of identifying a spokesperson to serve as the approved source of information to control the rapid spread of news these days, and limit the amount of false information that are leaked during emergency events. The spokesperson is the party that is well informed of the correct information and is able to clarify the situations to the public and the concerned entities; therefore, he/she must be fully aware of the event and able to describe correctly since he/she is responsible for such role and duties. In addition to that, the participants discussed the national early warning system to ensure effective coordination in the warning procedures and a timely and efficient response on the people’s part.

Furthermore, the meeting addressed the joint efforts being made as part of the emergency and crises management system, the response plans, the implementation of drills and exercises, the assessment of risks, the learned lessons, the opportunities for improvements to overcome challenges, the appropriate solutions to overcome obstacles or reduce their impact, and the business continuity management system.

During the meeting, Mrs. Maitha Al Al Ahbabi, Head of the Risk Management Unit, stated that the National Archives focuses all its efforts on developing the response capabilities and is keen on continuing to implement its activities and provide its vital services during emergencies. On her part, Mrs. Samar Al Mashjari, Head of the Strategic Planning Office, stated that it is necessary to coordinate with the Authority to meet all the requirements of the enablers and results related to the fourth generation system in order to achieve pioneering outcomes in the governance standard and design and implement risk management plans.

Attendees representing the National Emergency and Crisis and Disasters Management Authority included: Mr. Salman Ali Al Salman, Mrs. Jumana Al Ghanem, Mr. Rashid Al Zu’abi, and Mr. Fahad Al Mutawwa’.

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