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NCEMA organizes a lecture on “The proper conduct to address crises and disasters” for schools students

Abu Dhabi / the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA), represented by the Department of Media and Communication organized an awareness-raising lecture for Khalifa A School female students entitled “The proper conduct to address crises and disasters”, held at NCEMA headquarter in Abu Dhabi. The lecture aimed at producing a generation that is aware and conscious of the emergencies, crises and disasters culture, and raising awareness among school students.

The lecture which was delivered by Mr. Khalid Al Hosani, Media Outreach Senior Specialist at the Department of Media and Communication, covered NCEMA tasks and functions and its role in the various stages of emergency, crisis and disasters.  Also, he provided important information about risk management, safety devices, the best ways for students and the public to avoid incidents occurring within and outside the schools and the right thing to do to address risks & threats. Furthermore, he presented the projects and programs developed by NCEMA.

The lecture represents a part of a series of awareness-raising lectures delivered to a group of schools in collaboration with Ministry of Education and the Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK). Under a project being implemented by NCEMA, with a view to raising awareness among school students concerning emergency, crisis and disasters management.

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