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NCEMA Celebrates The Graduation of The First Batch of Experts And Future Leaders of Emergency and Crisis Management Alumni

The National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA) held a graduation ceremony for a number of its employees for two of its programs, the “Future Leaders” program and the “Experts of Emergency and Crisis Management” program, both of which come as part of a strategic plan to qualifying and preparing future leaders and experts in the Emergency and Crisis Management Community, with the aim of creating a more innovative and agile future.

The ceremony was attended by His Excellency Obaid Rashid Al Hosan Al Shamsi, vice president of NCEMA, while the graduation of the first batch was presented by His Excellency Ali Rashid Al Neyadi the Director General of NCEMA. The ceremony was witnessed by a number of department directors and NCEMA employees.


His Excellency Ali Saeed Al Neyadi, Chairman NCEMA, stated on this occasion: “The National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority is following in the footsteps of the wise leadership to accelerate the path of development and preparedness. It is through the new generations of leaders and experts in the fields of emergencies and crises, that we are achieving a future that parallels the aspirations of this great nation, which does not recognize the impossible. Through it, we achieve our vision of a "safe and resilient country" by harnessing the energies of our youth and building their leadership capabilities in managing emergencies, crises, and disasters”.


His Excellency Al Neyadi urged the young leaders and experts on the importance of maintaining this success and triumph that they have achieved through the two programs by harnessing their skills and continuing to strive towards learning and development in aspiration to serve the country.


The "Future Leaders" program, through its objectives, is centered on building a generation of empowered leaders in the emergency and crisis system, contributing to enhancing human capital and enhancing competencies and capabilities that will support the national roadmap and achieve the strategic objectives of the authority. While the “Experts of Emergency and Crisis Management” program offers a gateway for its alumni to prepare them as accredited national cadres specialized in the field of emergencies and crises, to be the base of advanced national expertise.

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