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Ministry of Health and Prevention complies with the business continuity requirements

Department of Safety and Prevention has coordinated and worked on the evaluation of the Ministry of Health and Prevention’s program of business continuity management in line with the standards and requirements of business continuity program management NCEMA 7000:2015. Through the provision of support and technical advice and assessment of documents and records of the program to measure its compliance in the program implementation and the readiness of the entity.

This evaluation is undertaken as the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA) is dedicated to ensure raising the level of the State entities’ readiness at the Federal and local levels. In addition to promote the mutual cooperation regarding the fulfillment of all requirements as well as the provision of support, technical advice and assessments to measure the extent of the application of standards issued by NCEMA.    

The working group at the Ministry of Health and Prevention provided a comprehensive definition on the plan developed as well as the documented and approved records to implement the business continuity management program and ISO 22301 Certification in the business continuity management system, which is consistent with the NCEMA7000:2015 standard. 

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