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NCEMA and NCM announce end of weather condition witnessed by the UAE recently

The National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA) and the National Center of Meteorology (NCM) announced the end of the weather condition, after a joint continuous monitoring and follow-up effort of all developments and weather fluctuations that separate areas of the country witnessed, in cooperation and coordination with the Ministry of Interior, Police Directorates across all Emirates, the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure and the Ministry of Defense.

NCM clarified that there is still a chance that some local cumulus clouds will form over some eastern and southern regions, with a chance of rain in the coming days.

As for updates regarding the weather condition, NCEMA confirmed that all concerned authorities had dealt with the weather condition proactively and with high flexibility, adding that it is still in full readiness in the areas that may be affected during the coming period, in order to respond to all developments that may arise and to assess its severity and study its potential risks.

The Ministry of Interior (MOI), in cooperation and coordination with Police Directorates of different Emirates, has developed proactive plans and measures to ensure the safety of society, preserve lives and property, and limit the repercussions of the weather situation.

The Joint Evaluation Team also commended the public's commitment during the last period, praising the community's role, awareness and confidence in the country's readiness to respond to all expected challenges by following all precautionary and preventive measures and monitoring developments from official sources in the country.



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