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The Director General of the National Emergency and Crisis and Disasters Management Authority hails the efforts of the emergency team in dealing with the heavy rain according to a comprehensive strategy

H.E. Dr. Jamal Mohammed Al Hosani, Director General of the National Emergency and Crisis and Disasters Management Authority praised the efforts and professional work of the emergency and crises teams as well as the concerned entities and authorities that were involved in the management of the incidents that took place as a result of the heavy rain that affected parts of the country, particularly the mountains in Ras Al Khaimah. He also applauded the effective coordination that helped manage the crisis and saved the lives of 702 individuals who were trapped in the mountains and valleys.

Dr. Al Hosani emphasized that the emergency and crisis teams are ready to deal with these events through a clear strategy and an integrated system, and praised the efforts of all the crisis management teams that performed their duties as required and in an efficient and timely manner. He also pointed out that all the emergency and crisis teams in Ras Al Khaimah, Al Fujairah and the eastern coast will respond quickly to any incidents and deal with them with high efficiency based on the established preparation plans that these teams have been trained on.

Moreover, Al Hosani pointed out the performance and efficiency of the rescue teams of Abu Dhabi and Dubai police who provided the stranded people with support during their ordeal, especially those who were trapped on the mountains and valleys due to the heavy rain. He also expressed pride in the various state entities and members of the society who showed great resilience to crises, and thanked the volunteers who helped the respondents in their work. He said that this collaborative effort helped minimize the damage that this weather condition caused.

Finally, Al Hosani called upon the members of the society to cooperate with the various state authorities and adhere to the safety measures and guidelines in these circumstances and to avoid visiting any areas that may threaten their lives, such as flooded valleys which can drag down vehicles or people. He also urged them to seek information from official sources and refrain from circulating any information that has no credibility.

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