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The Director-General of the National Emergency and Crisis and Disasters Management Authority discusses crisis management with Dubai Police at Expo2020

Al Bayan/ Major-General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police and Chairman of the Security Council to prepare for hosting the Expo 2020, met with Obaid Rashid AL Hassan Al Shamsi, Director-General of the National Emergency and Crisis and Disasters Management Authority, and congratulated him on his new position wishing him continuous success ahead.

During the meeting, which was held at Dubai Police Officers Club, both sides discussed the means to reinforce their mutual cooperation and coordination with respect to crises management and work procedures, as well as determining the future programs and plans for crisis and disaster management and how to deal with the same under all circumstances.

In addition to that, the two sides addressed coordination with the partners and expertise exchange to utilize the capabilities of all parties in dealing with any type of disaster based on a joint national system that contributes to saving lives and properties and enhances the country’s potential to deal with emergencies and crises.

Among the attendees were Brigadier Dr. Mohammad Nasser Al Razooqi, Director of the Transport and Rescue Department at Dubai Police, Colonel Dr. Ahmed Zaal, Director of the Regulatory Office of Dubai Police General Headquarters, Colonel Dr. Saleh Al Hamrani, Deputy Director of the Department of Excellence and Leadership, and Khalifa al-Alili, Director of the Local Centers Department of the National Emergency and Crisis and Disasters Management Authority.

On his part, Major-General Al Marri confirmed the Security Council’s total readiness to prepare for the hosting of Expo2020, as well as all the security sectors. He also stated that all capabilities, technologies and AI are fully ready for this high profile event.

Dubai Police General Headquarters prioritized this event and dedicated all of its capabilities, smart systems and technologies to provide the necessary support to the various security and service aspects of this Expo. It also monitored all work teams and their relationship with all security institutions in the country to provide high quality smart services to all the visitors and participating delegations so that we serve as ambassadors of our tolerant nation, especially since large numbers of visitors are expected to attend the Expo.

He also spoke about the role of artificial intelligence in securing the event through the use of technology in the security and traffic control systems, and emphasized the importance of teamwork and strategic partnership between the governmental, semi-governmental and private institutions to make this event a success.

On his part, Obaid Rashid AL Hassan Al Shamsi stated that the National Emergency and Crisis and Disasters Management Authority is ready to host this global event which has a significant value on the economic, tourism and cultural levels and provides a forum for the world’s cultures to meet and interact.

Colonel Dr. Saleh Al Hamrani explained to the attendees the security sectors’ plans to secure the Expo’s various events and activities, which include: The operations, support, and criminal investigation sectors. He also described the work teams, the sectors’ organizational structure, the work mechanism and coordination among the various teams.

In addition to that, Brigadier Dr. Mohammad Nasser Al Razooqi presented a comprehensive study of the search and rescue teams, the human resources efficiency, the specialized courses, the ground and maritime rescue missions, infrastructure and how to deal with it under all circumstances, and the utilization of everybody’s capabilities to deal with any potential disaster.

During the meeting, a film was displayed to the attendees that described the work teams’ preparations to secure the Expo.

Among the attendees from Dubai Police were Colonel Turki bin Fares, Director of the Command and Control Centre at the General Directorate of Operations, Colonel Faisal Al Qasim, Director of Security Media Department at Dubai police, Hashem Al Hashmi, Director of the Office of the Director General at the National Emergency and Crisis and Disasters Management Authority, and Naser Al Thaheri.


At the end of the meeting, Major-General Al Marri and Obaid Rashid AL Hassan Al Shamsi exchanged Commemorative shields.

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