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NCEMA concludes a training course on “New Zealand Experience in Emergency and Crisis Management”

Abu Dhabi: H.E. Dr. Jamal Mohammed Al Hosani, Director-General of the National Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Management Authority )NCEMA(, and H.E. Matthew Hawkins, New Zealand Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, honored participants of the training course “New Zealand Experience in Emergency and Crisis Management”, organized by NCEMA at Armed Forces Officers Club and Hotel, for three days, which was attended by Major General Pilot Mubarak Ali Abdullah Al Neyadi, representing Ministry of Defense.

Dr. Jamal Al Hosani expressed his gratitude and appreciation to the lecturers and affiliates, underlining the importance of organizing such training courses in developing the capacities and skills of personnel and raising awareness and knowledge among the associate members of NCEMA and the national government entities participating and involved in emergencies, crises and disasters management, pointing out that such courses constitute part of the training programs being developed and designed in the national training plans by NCEMA.

Dr. Jamal Al Hosani urged the participants to continue learning and training with the objective of further refining their skills in successful handling and management of emergency, crisis and disasters, besides exploring international best practices in this area. Commending New Zealand’s wide-ranging expertise and capacities in emergency, crisis and disasters management.

Participants learned about the best practices in the field of emergency and crisis, which include the event mechanism conduct, exploring and identifying emergency, crisis and disaster management system in New Zealand, considering the latest legislation in emergency, crisis and disaster, besides understanding mechanisms for business continuity in New Zealand. The training also included applying international emergency response and mechanism for receiving Government assistance.

Moreover, the training course addressed the humanitarian assistance, disaster relief, emergency response and external arrangements to receive assistance in terms of challenges and experiences.


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