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NCEMA VP meets with Undersecretary of MOE

His Excellency Obaid Rashid Al Hosan Al Shamsi, Vice President of the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA), met with His Excellency Eng. Abdulrahman Mohammed Al Hammadi, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education (MoE).

The meeting, comes as part of a series of introductory meetings with partners held by NCEMA with its partners, to strengthen the Emergency and Crisis Management National Network with the aim of introducing the Strategic Meeting to be held with a number of leaders in the relevant authorities in the Emergency and Crisis Management Community.

His Excellency Obaid Rashid Al Hosan Al Shamsi stressed during the meeting the need to focus on the strategic roadmap set for the Emergency and Crisis Management Community, by involving the relevant authorities in various tasks and workshops to achieve national integration and harmony.

His Excellency Al Shamsi noted the importance of raising the efficiency of national readiness in facing the challenges witnessed by the educational system by creating practical scientific and educational solutions that keep pace with instabilities and challenges in the educational sector in order to support efforts and facilitate tasks during crises.

His Excellency the Vice President of NCEMA said: "The national system today cannot be adequately formed without the presence of key pillars such as the education sectors, where principles are built in youthful generations of the nation within the educational sector. The sector played a major and important role in the last challenging period that was witnessed by the world. Its role was valuable in shielding the means of National Duty to maintain and preserve public health and social responsibility, and we are witnessing today an active and tangible role of MoE in the Emergency and Crisis Management Community”.

His Excellency Al Shamsi added that the National Strategic Meetings contribute to the merging of views between decision-makers in the relevant authorities to prepare for the next stage, in order to ensure the future of the National Network in this regard, and to set the initial steps for forecasting the future challenges and reducing future risks and threats.

For his part, His Excellency Eng. Abdulrahman Mohammed Al Hammadi said that the emergency, crises and disaster system in the UAE is characterized by its readiness, sustainability and high flexibility, and always works according to a proactive strategy based on forecasting all expected and unexpected scenarios, harnessing all national capabilities, and preparing and coordinating emergency plans for vital facilities and infrastructure as well as follow up on the implementation in cooperation and coordination with the relevant authorities in the country. In addition to working to develop research and scientific aspects within its general objectives to confront crises, and to deal with them with high competence in accordance with the best international practices. This comes from a keen concern that the wise leadership has for the safety of the livelihood of citizens and residents on the country and its property.

His Excellency Al Hammadi stressed the importance of cooperation between MOE and NCEMA, the application of the best strategies and programs in support of the response, and the promotion of awareness of the national and pioneering role played by NCEMA in implementing the general strategic plans for emergencies, crises and disasters adopted by the leadership.

The meeting ended with the two sides stressing the importance of unifying national efforts in facing the expected challenges and risks and to benefit from experiences in order to develop a unified future vision for the national system to ensure proactivity in dealing with various challenges.

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