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Year of Reading

In line with the instructions of HE Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan; president of the state, may Allah safeguard him, to endorse 2016 as the Reading Year, with the purpose of entrenching the state as a capital for knowledge and cultural content, the National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority organized several events that aim at promoting reading among its employees and among the community members, under the motto “Read to live up”. The initiative aims at raising awareness and disseminating the culture of reading among the authority’s employees, and promoting reading skills among those employees to construct an environment where people are keen to read, and to exchange and transfer knowledge among employees and document it.

To that effect, the “Read to live up” initiative involves establishing a library in the authority’s main building, for the authority’s employees, to inform them on the importance of reading and research in a way that brings about benefit for the authority and for employees. The authority also organized community knowledge events in collaboration with 14 UAE publishing houses to establish a micro book fair. Besides, certain monthly hours are assigned for employees, which they can spend reading.

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