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Year of Giving

Year of Giving

Drawing on the noble instructions of HE Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan (President of the State; may Allah safeguard him) to declare 2017 the Year of Giving, the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority “NCEMA” organized several activities and initiatives under the two umbrellas of the Reading Year and Year of Innovation. This is meant to act upon the directives of the wise leadership and upon their belief in the role of reading in pushing the wheel of development and innovation towards a sustainable future. The initiative thus targeted the authority employees by creating a pioneering cultural and innovative condition towards the procurement of an incentive and innovative work environment and a community with spacious horizons.

Visiting hospitalized patients’ initiative:

This initiative reflects the Year of Giving Initiative, through humanitarian visits, in the smiling faces of the patients. In this regard, a delegation from Year of Giving Initiative team conducts visits to several hospitals in Abu Dhabi and offers in-kind gifts to the patients.

Visiting the elderly (at nursery homes) initiative

The Year of Giving is brightly manifested in maintaining ties of kinship, including visiting the elderly in hospitals and specialized medical centers, and spending time with them, engaging in conversations with them and offering in-kind gifts to them.

Honoring old laborers initiative

The Year of Giving Initiative has allocated the donations of all the Authority’s employees on the World Labor Day for offering `Umrah Visit and in-kind gifts, for instance, to honor old laborers.

Free Iftar tent initiative

The Year of Giving Initiative has allocated a budget for the initiative of offering free Iftar to the fasting persons by pitching a tent inside and outside the state, making use of the donations of the Authority’s employees.

Mobile Clinic Initiative

A mobile clinic was made available to offer medical and therapeutic examinations from several private hospitals to the laborers (service workers) in the Authority.

Group Iftar Initiative

A collective Iftar was set for the authority laborers through the participation of all the authority’s employees during the blessed month of Ramadan.

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