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Thick Fog Poses

  1. Awareness messages during thick fog poses

    1. Observe the weather changes and listen to and watch the weather bulletins and the various official means of media.
    2. Please exercise your utmost care and caution while driving on the roads due to poor visibility in some areas of the State in cases of irregular weather.
    3. Fellow drivers are requested to take the utmost care and caution and to follow the instructions given to them due to the pose of fog in some areas in the early morning.
    4. In the event of poor visibility and the impossibility of driving, it is best to stop the vehicle off the road away from traffic.
    1. Leave enough distance between you and the vehicle in front of you during bad weather.
    2. Reduce your speed when entering in foggy area and do not operate warning signs at all.
    3. Do not overrun the vehicle in front of you, in cases of low vision, unless when necessary.
    4. Avoid driving in the left lane deadlines of the road as it is dedicated to the functioning according to the speed limit.
    5. Should you have to stop, do not stop your car to the side of the road, but in a safe place, with the operation of warning signals.
    6. Do not use the warning signs of the vehicle, except in emergency cases and suffice with the low lamp lights.
    7. Taking the utmost caution, and do not be concerned with anything other than the road as this is one of the priorities of safe driving.
    8. Being guided by the ground signs on the road contributes to safe driving during situations of irregular weather.
    9. Being careful not to speed in driving the vehicle, even if the situation has returned to its natural status in those conditions with the fog cleared.
    10. For preserving your own safety, parents are requested to delay outdoor trips during bad weather.
    11. Be always of the knowledge about local weather conditions.
    12. Be careful not to use the phone while driving in bad weather.