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  1. What should you be aware of before earthquakes occur?

    If you were inside the house, please carry out the following procedures:

    1. Watch weather changes, Listen to weather forecasts and official media
    2. Know how to deal with earthquakes and tremors, as precaution is the best way to survive.
    3. . Ensure the first aid and emergency kits are in safe place and ready to use.
    4. Ensure auxiliary lighting means are available (hand torch, lantern or candles) for use when necessary.
    5. Abide by instructions and directions given by competent authorities in case you received an evacuation order Do so immediately and ensure your safety and your family's safety.
    6. Set pets free, animals will manage themselves.

    If you were in a building other than your own house, please carry out the following procedures:

    1. Act quietly and do not panic or fear when you feel the tremor and search for the nearest safe place.
    2. Safe places are such as under a rigid table or bed or a big piece of furniture, or stand in the corner of the room or next to an internal wall.
    3. Fear shall stop your thinking and keep you from taking the right decision, lie down facing the floor, protect your head with your hands or use a nearby pillow and put it on your head to protect you as much as possible.
    4. Stay away from glass windows and doors.
    5. Get immediately away from things that are susceptible of falling due to the quake such as mirrors, chandeliers and shelves to avoid them falling over you.
    6. Disconnect power sources such as electricity and water, and close firmly  gas sources.
    7. Do not smoke or use matches.
    8. Do not walk barefoot.
    9. If you received an evacuation order through media or competent security authorities in the state, do so immediately.
  2. What should you be aware of when earthquakes occur?

    If you were outside, please carry out the following procedures when tremor or earthquakes occur:

    1. Try to find a safe place away from buildings.
    2. Avoid standing under building ceilings, high trees, electricity posts and telecommunication posts.
    3. Stay away from the seashore as shores might be hit by rising waves due to earthquakes, riversides might fall.
    4. Stay away from buildings, especially the high ones, to avoid any potential collapse
    5. Head to an open area quietly and do not return home until the quake is completely over.
    6. If you were swimming in the sea, flowing water, pools, valley ducts or dams, get out of the water immediately and head to the land, and try away as much as possible from flowing water.
    7. Avoid using mobile phones except in utmost urgent cases.
    8. Try to help injured persons if you are able to.
  3. While to behave during earthquakes?

    If you were driving your car and you felt a tremor or earthquake, please carry out the following procedures:

    1. 1.  Stay away as much as possible from tunnels and slopes and do not leave the car until the quake is over.
    2. Park the car away from buildings, walls and high voltage lines.
    3. It is recommended to use the flashing indicators only to warn others.
    4. Please take caution and care and watch the changes that can block your way while on the road.
    5. In case you had to stop the car completely, park it off the road.
  4. What Should You Do After Earthquakes?

    Please carry out the following procedures:

    1. When the earthquake stops, stay away from electrical power lines to avoid rebound quakes.
    2. Search for missing people, friends and family.
    3. Notify rescue teams about trapped or buried people under the debris.
    4. Restrict the usage of the phone.
    5. Search for injured people and relieve them as much as possible.
    6. Call your relatives to know they are safe and reassure them that you are safe as well.
    7. Do not stay in the streets to see what happened, stay away from crowded areas or accident areas, and give way to competent authorities and rescue vehicles to fulfill their roles.
    8. Do not reenter tumbledown buildings and do not approach damaged compounds.