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In this section we present some answers on how to use certain features of the content on the site. If you are unable to find answers  to your questions here, please contact us at the address indicated below.

About National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority:

To learn more about NCEMA, please visit the home page.

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To help us take your suggestions and to answer all your queries. Please use our own suggestions and complaints form we will make sure that your voice gets heard and we'll try our level best to meet your expectations.

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If you are having trouble finding information on this site, try the following: search using key words or email us at

Follow the instructions below that relate to the Internet browser you use.

Internet Explorer 6 or higher: Go to the VIEW menu and select TEXT SIZE.

Some sites may ignore your size setting. If this happens, you will also need to:

  1. Go to the TOOLS menu.
  3. Click the ACCESSIBILITY button.


You can also force the site to use your default font by ticking the IGNORE FONT STYLES SPECIFIED ON WEB PAGES box.

  1. Netscape Navigator 4: Go to VIEW and select INCREASE FONT.
  2. Netscape Navigator 6 or higher: Go to VIEW and select TEXT ZOOM.

Or you can simply use the following: While pressing on the CTRL button, you can press + or – on the keyboard to zoom in & out the page.

Best screen resolution

The site is best viewed in 1024 X 768 or Higher

Mouse actions

On the Start menu select Control Panel

In Control Panel be sure you are in Classic View (all Control Panel icons are showing). If not, under Control Panel in the left pane, select Switch to Classic View. Select Display.

In the Display Properties dialog box, Select the Settings tab.

On the Settings tab, under Screen Resolution: Select a screen resolution value by moving the slider arrow. Select OK.

To close Control Panel: Select the Close button.

Microsoft Excel (xls) files

If you do not have Microsoft Excel on your computer, you can download the Excel Viewer 2003 from Microsoft for free. Excel Viewer 2003 lets you view, print and copy tables downloaded in Excel format. You may use this to export these files to another spreadsheet application.

Microsoft Word (doc) files

If you do not have Microsoft Word 97 or higher on your computer, you can download the Word File Viewer from Microsoft for free. Word Viewer 2003 lets you view, print and copy Word documents, even if you don't have Word installed. This download is a replacement for Word 97 Viewer and all previous Word Viewer versions.

PDF files

PDF files display books and other documents in a printable and viewable format. To view or print a PDF, you need Adobe Reader installed. You can download the Adobe Reader.

Converting PDF files to accessible HTML

Adobe provide a free simple online PDF conversion tool for blind and visually impaired users. To use this tool with documents on our website:

  1. Find and open PDF you would like to convert.
  2. Open the conversion tool in a new window.
  3. Copy URL (address or location) of the PDF.
  4. Paste URL into URL field on conversion page.

For more information about Adobe's accessibility features, click here.

Problems opening files?

If you are experiencing trouble opening a file on our website you may want to save the file to your computer and open it from there. To do this:

Right click on the file you wish to open and select SAVE TARGET AS... Select a folder on your computer to save the file into (you may wish to give the file a name that is meaningful to you). Once the save is completed, open the folder and then double click on the file.

If you have the correct software, the file will automatically open for you. If you do not have the correct software, please refer to the help information "Files and PDFs" above.

Where possible we provide PDFs for printable material. If you want to print material that does not have a PDF it may be useful to highlight the content you want to print (usually the center column) copy this and paste it into a word processing application such as MSWord and format/print that document.

Further help

If your problem has not been resolved, please email us.

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