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Training Hub

The National Emergency, Crisis, and Disasters Management Authority seeks to enhance the country's ability to face emergencies, crises and disasters, and its effective management in the event of their occurrence, through joint planning, training and coordination between the various governmental agencies, and shared participation in the development of the various agencies capabilities and preparedness in managing emergencies, crises and disasters through the development of specialized human capital and raising the awareness of the frameworks, policies and standards adopted in the various stages of the emergency, crisis and disaster management system and raising the general level of preparedness, preparedness and recovery.

The authority is inclined to the provide specialized courses using the best scientific and practical methods that depend on simulation and application of real cases during the implementation of training activities, as these courses reflect the emergency, crises and disasters management system in the country.

Specialized training is considered one of the means of developing the human capital to raise the level of job efficiency for the authority’s and the concerned authorities employees which the government of the United Arab Emirates aspires to achieve, in order to keep pace with the challenges represented by the fluctuating work requirements, given that the training leads to the transfer of technical and practical knowledge, in a way that enables the trainee and his workplace to face any challenges posed by intellectual acceleration.

The specialized training aims to develop the skills of the authority's and the relevant authorities employees scientifically, academically and practically in the field of emergency, crises and disasters management as well as preventative measures, follow-up and evaluation of rapid successive transformations in the work environment and take the necessary measures to face crises and disasters with precision and professionalism.

Training Hub