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Security intelligence analysis course

  • Date : 18 - 19 September 2023
  • Time : 09:00 AM –02:00 PM
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  • Venue : United Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi

Course Objective

  • The ability to use forward-looking and strategic intelligence analysis techniques.
  • The ability to make a presentation to present an intelligence analysis of one of the issues raised in the international arena.

Course Goals

  • Classification of forward-looking and strategic intelligence analysis techniques
  • Applying the intelligence analysis process on issues (security / political / economic)
  • Preparing and formulating multiple scenarios.
  • Using different foresight approaches in evaluating threats and risks by developing predictive analysis skills.

Category and terms of nomination for the course

  • Persons involved in intelligence analysis from the planning (supervisory) level.

Certificate Awarded

  • A certificate of completion from the training services provider

Course Language

  1. Arabic

 Course date (these dates are specified in the calendar of course events)

# Date Location Duration
1 18-19 September 2023 Abu Dhabi 2 days

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