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National readiness course for emergency and crisis leaders

  • Date : 18 - 20 December 2023
  • Time : 09:00 AM –02:00 PM
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  • Venue : United Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi

Course Objective

  • Develop leadership capabilities and readiness in the field of emergency and crisis management

Course Goals

  • Introducing the national road map for emergency, crisis and disaster management.
  • Strategic planning for emergency, crisis and disaster management.
  • Strategic environment for emergency, crisis and disaster management.
  • Emergency, crisis and disaster management system. approved.
  • Discussing response requirements and decisions of the second-level teams.
  • Presenting the standard of business continuity, adaptability and institutional resilience.
  • Clarifying the concept of recovery, the mechanism for integrating lessons learned from emergencies, crises and disasters.
  • Adapting artificial intelligence and technology.

Category and terms of nomination for the course

  • Leadership level

Awarded Certificates

  • Certificate of achievement from the National Emegency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority and Rabdan Academy.

Course Language

  • Arabic

Course date (these dates are specified in the calendar of course events)

# Date Location Duration
1 02 - 04 October 2023 Abu Dhabi 3 days
2 18 - 20 December 2023 Abu Dhabi

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