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Media epidemic control course

  • Date : 16 - 19 October 2023
  • Time : 09:00 AM –02:00 PM
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  • Venue : United Arab Emirates - Dubai

Course Objective

  • Dealing with rumors and misleading messages, and developing strategies to reform the mental image
  • Understanding the quality of the content of persuasive messages.
  • Understanding how to choose the official spokesperson for the crisis and campaign ambassadors.

Course Goals

  • Analysis of communication channels.
  • Introducing the method of communicating with misleading messages, the timing of responses.
  • Discuss the importance of global pre-equipment.
  • Studying the evaluation of therapeutic strategies for rumors.
  • Studying how to choose the official spokesperson for the crisis and the ambassadors of the campaigns.
  • Repairing and rebuilding the mental image.
  • Post-crisis evaluation study.

Category and terms of nomination for the course

  • Persons specialized in in the media and the media cell from the planning (supervisory) level.

Certificate Awarded

  • A certificate of completion from the training services provider

Course Language

  1. Arabic

 Course date (these dates are specified in the calendar of course events)

# Date Location Duration
1 16-18 October 2023 Dubai 4 days

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