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How contact tracing helps

Contact tracing is a method used to effectively control infectious disease outbreaks globally. It is based on identifying people that have been in close proximity to people that are infected, and then alerting them so they can be tested by the health care authority.

The app can trace people who come in close proximity to confirmed COVID-19 cases using Bluetooth technology. Both phones exchange anonymized IDs which are stored in encrypted form, on the ALHOSN app so Health Authorities can quickly contact people at risk and they can be retested.


The ALHOSN health coding system involves the generation of a unique personal QR code and a color-coding system that determines the status of your health. The colors represent the following:

How your QR code works

Your unique QR code that is refreshed every 2 minutes can be verified and scanned. This gives peace of mind that your health status and the status of those around you means you can safely interact with others in meetings and public places.

The ALHOSN UAE app puts your health in your hands

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